Raidplan Eyes (edited by Atmus Coldheart)Arena - FFXIV
Melees and tanks need Red, ranged and healers need Blue.

If you DO NOT have the right tether, go stack on Estinien, they will transfer an opposite colored person regardless and you get a debuff which prevents them from being passed again for a couple of seconds.

Melees/Tanks already with red, preposition in front of big yellow orb.

Now both with red, wait until yellow grows once and then eat it.

Like you did with initial correction pass, now reds will swap with blues.

Healers and ranged now take blue orbs after they grow once.

Spread in the formation on slide 6 to prepare for dives.

First dive: Two reds will get dived. Tanks go out (one cw prio, one ccw prio) and take reds from the dived people. Dived people, remember if you were the cw-most or ccw-most dive! Rejoin everyone else inside eye.

Second dive: melee go out, take reds, and dived people go into eye.

Third dive: First dived people take reds (cw-most first dive take cw-most third dive, ccw-most first dive take ccw-most third dive). Dive people go into eye.

Kill blue eye, then red eye, then blue eye again if raidwide heals it.