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Castle Nathria 9.0
Ny'alotha 8.3
Naxxramas Classic
AQ40 Classic
What's new?

Nathria Council icons and keyboard controls

  • Added Council of Blood special icons
  • Double click to add icons from toolbar in addition to drag and drop
  • Added some keyboard controls
    Copy and paste with Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V
    Remove node with Delete
    Nudge nodes with arrow keys

Classic - Naxxramas

  • Added Naxxramas
  • Added special icon tooltips (a few weeks ago)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused notes to cut off

Shadowlands - Castle Nathria

  • Added Castle Nathria bosses
  • Added some Castle Nathria boss and ability icons - more coming later
  • Fixed the weirdness with rings and boxes
  • Increased maximum length of notes

Boss and special icons

  • Added some boss and ability icons for Ny'alotha
  • Added Warlock gateway icons
  • More special icons will be added later

AQ40 & website updates

  • Improved the website design to better support more raids.
  • Your recently saved plans will now automatically be saved in your browser and shown on the home page.
  • Added classic AQ40.
  • Adding Shadowlands Castle Nathria soon!

Ny'alotha, The Waking City

  • Added overhead maps for all Ny'alotha bosses

Ny'alotha, The Waking City

  • Added Ny'alotha bosses

Queen Azshara Overhead Map

  • Added Queen Azshara overhead map (thanks to /u/reead - check out his post)
  • Ny'alotha maps coming soon
  • Happy holidays!

Azshara's Eternal Palace

  • Added Azshara's Eternal Palace bosses
  • Fixed some issue with the editor while using FireFox
  • Improved quality of raid marks and class icons

Crucible of the Storms

Added Crucible of the Storm bosses

Editor updates

  • Added missing alliance map variants for BoD
  • Added basic shapes, arrows and text
  • Added Jaina ice phase maps
  • Fixed some bugs and made some new ones

Battle of Dazar'alor

  • Added Battle of Dazar'alor bosses
  • Higher quality maps will be added later, if possible