A simple way for you to visualize and share your plan for raid encounters in Final Fantasy XIV.

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What's new?

RaidPlan Updates

You may now optionally create an account for RaidPlan.
Plans that you create will be linked to your account and can be deleted.

VOD Review
You may now connect WarcraftLogs or FFLogs to view guild logs.
We'll remember the last Guild you had selected and load its recent reports automatically.
Private logs are now supported with this feature.
Patrons can now add up to 10 streams.
If you haven't used the VOD Review tool, check it out!

Plan Editor
Steps may now be rearranged easily.
Added a new color palette selector.
Added text labels to shapes.

6.3 Updates

Updated icon library fully for 6.3
This library will be updated again on 1/24
You may now additionally search for icons by their ID

6.2 Updates

Updated icon library fully for 6.2
This library will be updated again on 8/30
You can now add labels to target markers, jobs and other icons

Endwalker Update

Just a small update for Endwalker's release
 · Added Sage and Reaper icons
 · Adding a step clones the active step
 · Removing a step removes the active step
 · Cirlce arena will be selected by default

Once the raid is released, we'll update our Icon library.
Additionally, we will try to provide arena images in some capacity if/when possible.

Final Fantasy XIV Launched

FFXIV support has been added fully
 · Added custom arena layouts
 · Added boss indicator
 · Added action, status and item icons

We may add overhead screenshots for arenas at a later date
If you have any feedback or suggestions, join us on Discord

Final Fantasy XIV Beta

Thanks for testing out our implemention for FFXIV
Please submit feedback and report issues on Discord

Recent changes:
 · Added role and job icons
 · Added circle arena for testing
 · Added ability telegraphs
 · Added all target icons
 · Added way markers