A simple way for you to visualize and share your plan for GvG, GvE and Raids in Lost Ark.

Create a raid plan

What's new?

RaidPlan Updates

You may now optionally create an account for RaidPlan.
Plans that you create will be linked to your account and can be deleted.

VOD Review
You may now connect WarcraftLogs or FFLogs to view guild logs.
We'll remember the last Guild you had selected and load its recent reports automatically.
Private logs are now supported with this feature.
Patrons can now add up to 10 streams.
If you haven't used the VOD Review tool, check it out!

Plan Editor
Steps may now be rearranged easily.
Added a new color palette selector.
Added text labels to shapes.

Lost Ark Release

Support for Lost Ark has been added
 · Simple Raid layout - may be expanded in the future
 · GvG and GvE maps
 · Custom plans are also supported
 · Most in-game icons can be added via search

If you have any feedback or suggestions, join us on Discord