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What's new?

Vault of the Incarnates Updates

Vault of the Incarnates
 · Added in-game screenshots for all bosses
 · Added composite image for Raszageth

Vault of the Incarnates Beta

Added Vault of the Incarnates

We're only able to offer worldmap views at this time
In-game screenshots will be added at a later date

WOTLK Classic Phase 1

Updates for WOTLK Classic
 · Updated Naxxramas
 · Added The Eye of Eternity
 · Added The Obsidian Sanctum

Wow Classic now has a dedicated tab to highlight raids for new phases

Boss Icon Improvements

Added boss portraits for all WoW raids - includes facing direction indicator
This replaces old images which often seemed too large and awkward

Added additional assets for all Shadowlands raids

Sunwell Plateau

Added Sunwell Plateau

Sepulcher Updates

Added Stickers for all Sepulcher bosses
Updated maps for the following:
 · Xy'mox main arena
 · Prototype zoomed in arena
 · Halondrus arenas and intermissions

Join our Discord if you have feedback or would like to make a request 👍

Phases, Custom Maps and Sepulcher PTR

You can now add steps/phases to your plan
Added a custom plan option - use your own arena image
Added Sepulcher of the First One's PTR maps
 · Some boss locations aren't known, or have ambiguous locations
 · We will update names and maps as we learn more

TBC Phase 3

Added TBC Phase 3 raids
 · Black Temple
 · Battle for Mount Hyjal

TBC Phase 2

Added TBC Phase 2 raids
 · The Eye
 · Serpentshrine Cavern

Major Updates for 9.1

We've rebuilt the plan editor and added some highly requested features:
 · Free drawing - includes an option to fade out over time
 · Item & spell icons - check out the Wow icons tab
 · Multiple selection - click and drag to select multiple objects
 · Added art for all Sanctum bosses

And some other less-big things:
 · Fullscreen mode in hamburger menu
 · Right-click for more actions
 · Font and alignment for text
 · Better looking emojis
 · Consolidated solid shapes and outlines
 · Arrow is less weird when resized

Sanctum of Domination PTR - Update

Added all Sanctum of Domination bosses
These maps may change frequently as PTR is still being updated
Additional special markers will be added soon

Sanctum of Domination PTR

Added Sanctum of Domination
· Some maps are speculative - so some bosses may be incorrect or the boss may be unknown.
· We will make corrections and additional maps will be added as we learn more.

TBC - Phase 1

Added TBC Phase 1 maps
Merged all TBC and Classic maps into their own groups
· All supported maps can be found under each group
· All maps will remain accessible indefinitely
Text may now contain multiple lines (added a few weeks ago).

Battlegrounds & Emojis

Added all standard Battleground maps
Added full support for emojis 🤗
· Added new node with emoji selector
· Added support to all text, notes and title
Increased maximum text length

Nathria Council icons and keyboard controls

Added Council of Blood special icons
Double click to add icons from toolbar in addition to drag and drop
Added some keyboard controls
· Copy and paste with Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V
· Remove node with Delete
· Nudge nodes with arrow keys

Classic - Naxxramas

Added Naxxramas
Added special icon tooltips (a few weeks ago)
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused notes to cut off

Shadowlands - Castle Nathria

Added Castle Nathria bosses
Added some Castle Nathria boss and ability icons - more coming later
Fixed the weirdness with rings and boxes
Increased maximum length of notes

Boss and special icons

Added some boss and ability icons for Ny'alotha
Added Warlock gateway icons
More special icons will be added later

AQ40 & website updates

Improved the website design to better support more raids.
Your recently saved plans will now automatically be saved in your browser and shown on the home page.
Added classic AQ40.
Adding Shadowlands Castle Nathria soon!

Ny'alotha, The Waking City

Azshara's Eternal Palace

Crucible of the Storms