[N/H] SmolderonSmolderon - Amirdrasssil, the Dream's Hope
Taunt every Brand.
Run away with Brand explosion

Heal off Cauterizing absorbs
Plan CDs for P2 Pulsing damage

Soak orbs to receive buff in P2
CDs with buff in P2

Phase 1
Brand of Damnation – Slam on tank that is split with nearby players. All players hit are branded with Cauterizing Wound. Tank will explode 6 seconds later, raidwide damage
reduced by distance away.

Cauterizing Wound – Heal absorb placed on player, when removed drops a swirlie explosion at their feet. Players take increased damage from Brand until after P2 removes it.

Overheated – Several players debuffed, pulsing fire damage for 10 seconds then exploding, releasing waves of fire out of their body.

Lava Geysers – Dodgeable swirlies fill
the room with lava.

Phase 2
Devour Essence – Any branded player releases Living Flame orbs that move towards the boss - only the player can see them - if collected grants increased damage/healing done by 20 seconds, percentage stacks but duration does not.

World in Flames – A pattern of rings fills the arena with only a few spaces being safe. Anyone hit by the blast takes massive damage/DoT.

Heating Up – Upon reaching 100 energy, boss damage increases by 10%. After the 4 th time, boss will enrage and wipe the raid.

Blazing Soul – Intense pulsing raidwide damage for 30 seconds.