[N/H] IgiraIgira the Cruel - Amirdrasssil, the Dream's Hope
Stand on top one another to share the melee swings.
Taunt at high stacks of DoT.

Quickly heal the absorbs when Flayed empowerment is active.

Nuke down spears to free your teammates.

Phase 1 Notes (Slide 1)
Vicious Swing – Boss melee attacks strike the active tank and nearest player, applying a stacking Shadowflame dot for 20 seconds.
Blistering Spear – Random players targeted who are tethered to the ground by a spear, dropping void zone around them. The spear must be killed to free the player.
Twisting Blade – A row of blades is shot out towards a random player, inflicting damage and knocking back if hit.

Phase 2 Notes (Second Slide):
Harvest of Screams – Boss damage increased by 10%, stacking, every time 100 energy is reached.
Marked for Torment – Raidwide damage and knock, igniting three circular areas around the room. Standing in a circle causes it to shrink, empowering her weapon based on which of the three is soaked.
Searing Sparks – Dodgeable swirlies will fill the room, knocking players back if stood in.
Flesh Mortification – After soaking a Torment circle, players take 100% increased damage from them in the future.

Weapon Empowerment Types:
Hacking Torment – Deals damage to tank, reduced based on number of players within 10 yards of the impact zone (can only help split damage once due to a debuff).
Slicing Torment – Boss leaps to a player dealing massive damage in that area, then leaps again to the player furthest from her. Waves of dodgeable swirlies explode from the smash zone.
Flaying Torment – Random players receive a healing absorb debuff that explodes if not removed. When removed, player deals splash damage and shoots out dodgeable orbs.