[N/H] Larodar, Keeper of the FlameLarodar, Keeper of the Flame - Amirdrasssil, the Dream's Hope
Run away when Charge focus, taunt swap each Charge in P1
Leech health from nearby allies when you have debuff in P2

Heal Treants to give seed energy in P1
Heal root to create a shield in P1
Heal absorbs off players in P2
Dispel Scorching Root when possible

Nuke down Treants/Root when spawned
Interrupt Fiery Flourish

Phase 1
Seed of Life – Once healed to full by NPCs, 3 players can interact forming a connected chain that will clear burning ground and scorched roots, until the seed’s energy is depleted. Players can only interact with the
seed once every 4 minutes.

Fiery Treant – Casts Fiery Flourish which is an interruptible aoe damage, and explodes 3 yards on death. Then become a Charred Treant.

Charred Treant – Can be healed to become a Renewed Treant that heals the Seed by sacrificing its own health.

Scorching Roots – Fixate a random player, rooting if touched. Untargettable until touched by Seed players. Once killed, becomes a healable Charred Bramble.

Renewed Bramble Barrier – Once the bramble has been healed to full, it will create a protective zone to shield from Raging Inferno.

Raging Inferno – Upon reaching 100 energy, pulses deadly raidwide damage, reduced by 90% if within Bramble Barrier.

Furious Charge – Charges current target, dealing both large damage to anyone in the path and raidwide damage reduced by the distance away from boss, knocking the tank back. Charged tank takes 100% increased physical damage for 20 seconds, starting at
10 stacks and decreasing over time.

Blazing Thorns – Dodgeable spiral of swirlies, forms flame orbs that move towards the boss. If soaked, applies stacking fire dot but also a 20% increased critical strike chance, otherwise they buff boss.

Consuming Flame – After 3 casts of Raging Inferno or 40% health, massive raidwide damage for 16 seconds while being pulled towards boss. Deadly damage if within 3 yards of the boss

Phase 2
Falling Embers – Soakable void zones that deal raidwide damage if not soaked.

Flash Fire – Heal absorb on random players that stuns if not removed in 8 seconds.

Fire Whirl – Dodgeable fire tornadoes.

Smoldering Backdraft – Massive tank frontal cone, reducing healing received by 100% and applying a fire dot for 30 seconds. Can only heal by leeching off nearby players.

Ashen Treants – Spawn around the room, dropping fire puddles until killed, explode 3 yards on death