[N/H] VolcorossVolcoross - Amirdrasssil, the Dream's Hope
Taunt to take Jaws smash without stacks of Molten Venom (Taunt swap right before cast).
Stay within melee range of boss.

Plan CDs for Serpent's Fury

Split up left/right to manage soaking lava as it falls.

This is one phase fight.
Flood of the Firelands – At 100 energy, two massive globs of lava fall to the ground and must be soaked to avoid wiping. Impact damage is split between soakers who are then knocked back. Once soaked, leaves a fire puddle on the ground.

Serpent’s Fury – Raidwide aoe damage for 5 seconds.

Coiling Flames – Several players are debuffed, pulsing damage to nearby players for 10 seconds. Upon expiration, jumps to another player.

Scorchtail Crash - Boss’ tail slams an area, killing anyone underneath, leaving lava behind.

Volcanic Disgorge – Dodgeable swirlies that leave fire puddles.

Molten Venom – Boss melee attacks leave a fire DoT that stacks and increases damage taken from Cataclysm Jaws by 50% for 20 seconds.

Cataclysm Jaws – Current target is hit for massive physical and fire damage.

Burning Vertebrae – Constant light raidwide damage throughout the fight.

Serpent’s Wrath – Upon hitting enrage, the boss will pulse massive raidwide damage, increasing by 5% every 0.5 seconds.

Combusting Rage – If no players are within reach, the boss will deal massive raidwide damage every 2 seconds.