[N/H] Council of DreamsCouncil of Dreams - Amirdrasssil, the Dream's Hope
Tank Ursoc only.
Aim Ursoc’s Charge at Aerwynn.
Taunt after Claws

Dispel player's poison if you can.
Plan CDs after Charge hits

Help soak Charge when assigned to do so.
Split damage on bosses to ensure they die evenly.

One phase fight
Blind Rage – At 100 energy, begins pulsing damage every 2 seconds, cancelled by polymorphing boss.

Barreling Charge – Boss focuses active tank and charges 5 seconds later, inflicting damage to players in the path. Players struck take 500% increased damage from Charge for 30 seconds.

Thundering Impact – At the end of the charge, deals raidwide damage reduced based on number of players who soaked.

Agonizing Claws – Slashes current target in a frontal cone, increasing damage taken 300% by Claws for 18 seconds, stacking.

Constricting Thicket –
At 100 energy, conjures vines around players, slowing them and dealing damage. Cancelled by Barreling Charge.

Noxious Blossom – Creates flowers on the ground that deal light raidwide damage and larger damage if stood in.

Poisonous Javelin – Several players debuffed with a dispellable increasing slow that pulses damage.

Song of the Dragon – At 100 energy, applies an absorb on players that must be broken by standing in Noxious Blossoms.

Captivating Finale – Players who don’t clear their absorb will be stunned for 15 seconds.

Polymorph Bomb – Transforms several players into ducks who can now eat Noxious Blossoms. Once you eat enough, you can Preen to remove the debuff. When removed, passes to any player within 7 yards.

Emerald Winds – Pushes players around for 3 seconds, inflicting raidwide damage