[N/H] GnarlrootGnarlroot - Amirdrasssil, the Dream's Hope
Taunt after Barrage.
Be prepared to collect add aggro.

Plan healer CDs for the end of P2

Save CDs for P2 when boss takes 100% increased
Prioritize add damage in P1

Phase 1 Notes (Slide 1)
Flaming Pestilence –Swirlies fill the ground and spawn dormant Tainted Lasher adds. "Dodge swirlies"
Tainted Lashers – Upon awakening, deal aoe damage. Shoots bleed debuffs at random players, stacking. Each awake lasher increases damage done of nearby lashers by 10%, stacking, immune to CC at 15 stacks. "Group/cc adds on spawn"
Controlled Burn – Several players are marked and drop a puddle after 6 seconds that awakens sleeping lashers. "Drop Controlled Burn on Dormant Lashers" [See red circles]
Tortured Scream – Pulsing AoE damage for 10 seconds. Might need some healing.
Shadowflame Cleave – Frontal cone aimed at random player. "Dodge the frontal cone" [See red arrows]

Phase 2 Notes (Slide 2)
Doom Cultivation – Doom roots grow around the room, causing boss to become immune to damage. Any Lasher still dormant awakens now.
Splintering Charcoal – Small circle zones that can be soaked to gain Ember - Charred buff, allowing you to touch sections of roots to remove them. If not soaked, does raidwide damage.
Uprooted Agony – Increases boss’ damage taken by 100% for 20 seconds, while pulsing raidwide damage. Happens after all roots are burned.
Rising Mania – At the end of P2, boss deals 10% increased damage, stacking. DPS race from here on out.