[N/H] Nymue, Weaver of the CycleNymue, Weaver of the Cycle - Amirdrasssil, the Dream's Hope
Run away with Weaver's Burden and taunt swap
Wait for detonation to drop void

Save CDs for end of P2 (adds dead)

Save CDs if needed to get out of P2 faster to kill adds

Phase 1
Verdant Matrix – Glowing lines fill the arena, crossing over them applies a stacking dot for 3 seconds.

Continuum – The Matrix is altered over 10 seconds, inflicting raidwide damage.

Impending Loom – Glowing beams of energy shoot out from the boss, stunning and damaging players on contact.

Surging Growth – Small flower zones grow, inflicting raidwide damage until stood on for a few seconds.

Viridian Rain – Raidwide damage every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.

Weaver’s Burden – Tank and a few players are debuffed causing them to detonate after a short delay, damaging players within 12 yards and dropping a Barrier Blossom. Grants Inflorescence as well as increasing nature damage taken by 100% for 30 seconds.

Inflorescence – Player drops grass at their feet for 4 seconds, allowing others to walk unharmed through the Matrix lines.

Barrier Blossom – Void zone that knocks away any player who tries to enter it.

Threaded Blast – Large physical and nature
damage at tank.

Phase 2
Full Bloom – Upon reaching 100 energy, the boss becomes immune and explodes in the space around them, inflicting large damage and applying Inflorescence to anyone inside. Then summons two powerful Cycle Wardens adds.

Cycle Warden – Slams ground in frontal cone, causing Surging Growths to sprout (soak them). Casts dodgeable swirlies. If these adds move across Matrix lines, deal raidwide damage, increasing each time.

Unravel – Raidwide damage every 3 seconds,
increasing over time.